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Why Avoiding Sales Could Save you MoneyWhy Avoiding Sales Could Save you Money

It might seem odd that avoiding sales could save us money. You may hold on to buy things until sale time or try to grab all those bargains on Black Friday or in January or whatever. However, it can be a good idea to think about whether this is actually a good idea and whether it is saving you money. 

You Still Pay too Much

If we visit a shop with a sale on then we can get rather in a shopping frenzy. We see that prices are reduced and buy things without properly noting how much they actually cost. So, if we see that an item has 10% off, we might immediately think that this is a bargain and buy it. However, it could be the case that the item is still cheaper than this in another shop. It is also important to compare brands as you may find that there are cheaper brands that you could buy which you will pay less for even at full price compared with the brand you are looking at that is on sale. You may also find that the item may be reduced further in the future and so if you wait you could end up paying even less than you do in this sale. That is risky of course, as the item may sell out but think about what value for money you feel you will get form it and whether you really think that it is worth what you are paying. 

You are Tempted to Buy Extras

If you are buying form a place where there are lots of items on sale then it could be a good idea to be very careful. It could be tempting to look at all of the other items that are on sale and think about whether these are good to get too. You could think that because they are cheaper, they have to be a bargain and you therefore need to buy them. You could end up filling your basket with all sorts of things and before you know it, you have bought them without much thought as to whether you can afford them all or whether they are things that you really like that much. 

You do not Buy What you Want

You may even be tempted to buy items that you do not even want. Juts because something is really cheap, it does not mean that you need it. It might seem silly not to buy an item if it is massively reduced, but actually you need to think about whether it is something that will actually be of any use to you at all. It is a good idea to consider this carefully before you buy. It is worth also thinking about the fact that even if an item has 90% off, you are not saving money when you buy it. You are still spending money, you are just spending less. So unless it is an item that you already had planned on buying, then think about whether you really want it and whether it is actually worth buying at all. 

You Buy Extra

When you have bought some things at reduced prices, it can make you think that you can then buy lots of additional things because you have spare money to spend. It is good to actually think about whether you really want to spend that money you have saved. Might it be better to keep it in case you really need something or just hold onto it until there is something you really want to buy. We do not always have to spend every bit of money we have.